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Lennox is a manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor established in 1989, we proudly produce premium pets products with 30 years of expertise in the rawhide business.

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Since 2001 Bravo offers in the UK and EU a large selection of natural and flavoured rawhide products for dogs. Our rawhide chews come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Any flavour or size can be either purchased in bulk (each bone in the box wrapped in a cigar band) or purchased individually (each bone packaged with a header card).
Value packs, in different combinations are also available.

The manufacturing process

Rawhide chews are produced from the tough, inner layer hide of bovine cattle. First we remove any hair, excess salts or oils. They are then rinsed in large vats, with plenty of wáter without any use of harmful or toxic chemicals.
We maintain strict quality control measures to insure that only the finest quality chews, loved by dogs, are shipped to our customers.

Our flavouring

Bravo is the market leader in the flavouring process, currently offering over a dozen different flavours including: Natural, vanilla, peanut butter, bubble gum, pizza, honey, cheese, smoked bacon, roasted lamb, mint and mango.
Our flavours stand out because our flavouring process is completely unique, different from any of our competitors and made to order.

The image is only illustrative, none of these elements are used in the flavoring process.

Chewllagen is a dog treat made from the collagen extracted from South American grass-fed cattle hide



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